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Burma-America Buddhist Association

1708 Powder Mill Rd.
Silver Spring, Md. 20903
(301) 439-4035

The Burma-America Buddhist Association was formed in 1980, with the sole purpose of promoting Theravada Buddhism in North America. It was the first Burmese Buddhist organization in the East Coast of United States. It has established a center known as "Mingalarama" for the study of Buddhism with respect to its philosophy, its culture, and its heritage. The association maintains a small library with both English and Burmese books on Buddhist religion. Dhamma talks and Buddhist lessons to youths are given every other week at the center.

Visiting eminent Buddhist monks frequently conduct Vipassana meditation retreats at "Mingalarama" to both Burmese and non-Burmese meditating yogis.

BABA welcomes all Buddhists and non-Buddhists as its members. The monthly membership is only $5.00 (Annual $60.00).