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The International Buddhist Committee is a coming together of many Buddhist Temples and Dharma Centers in the greater Washington, DC area and beyond.  Here are links to information on some of those temples and centers.

Temple or Center Name
(click for more information)
Temple or Center Web Site
American Zen College http://www.americanzencollege.org/
Avatamsaka Hermitage http://www.geocities.com/drbaah/
Avatamsaka Vihara http://avatamsakavihara.org/
Bo Rim Sa Buddhist Temple  
Buddha's Light International Association - Washington DC Chapter http://bliadc.org/
Buddhist Fellowship  
Burma-America Buddhist Association  
Cambodian Buddhist Association and Dhammacakkarama Monastery of Richmond, Inc.  
Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc. http://www.cambodian-buddhist.org/
Drikung Mahayana Center http://www.drikungmahayanacenter.org
Ekoji Buddhist Temple http://www.ekoji.org/
Guhyasamaja Center (FPMT) http://www.guhyasamaja.org/
Insight Meditation Community of Washington http://www.imcw.org/
International Buddhist Center http://members.aol.com/uparatana/
Korean Zen Center  
Kunzang Palyul Choling http://www.tara.org/
Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center http://www.mstcdharma.org/
Sakya Phuntsok Ling Centers for Tibetan Buddhist Study and Meditation http://users.erols.com/sakya/
Shambhala Meditation Center of Washington, DC http://www.dc.shambhala.org/
Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center http://www.stillwatermpc.org/
Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation - Greater Washington DC center http://www.us.tzuchi.org/us/en/
U.S. Zen Institute http://www.uszen.org/
Vietnamese American Buddhist Association  
Vietnamese Buddhist Association / Van Hanh Center  
Vietnamese Mahayana Center (Giac Hoang Temple)  
The Washington Buddhist Vihara http://www.buddhistvihara.com/
Washington Mindfulness Community http://www.mindfulnessdc.org/
Wat Kampuchea Krom  
Wat Lao Buddhavong http://www.watlao.org/
Wat Thai Washington, DC http://www.watthaidc.org/


Wat Yarnna Rangsee Buddhist Monastery http://www.watyarn.com/
Won Buddhism and Meditation Center of Washington  
Zen Buddhist Center  


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