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Won Buddhism and Meditation Center of Washington
8908 Potomac Station Lane
Potomac, Maryland 20854
(301) 983-9657

The Won Buddhism and Meditation Center is located in Silver Spring, MD in a pleasant residential neighborhood. The abbot of the temple is the Reverend Park, Sang-hyun.

Won Buddhism is a new religion founded in Korea by Sot'aesan upon his great awakening in 1916: 'To believe in the truth of Il-Won (One-Circle) and to return fourfold grace." The ultimate reality in Ven. Sotaesan's enlightenment is symbolized by a perfect circle, the Il Won Sang. The Il Won Sang is a symbol of the ultimate reality of the entire universe and as a standard of moral discipline. The Il Won, or unitary circle, is the Dharmakaya Buddha; the origin of all beings in the universe, the mind-seal of all Buddhas and saints, and symbolizes the Original Nature of all living beings. Hence, the enlightenment to one's own nature implies the enlightenment to the origin of all beings in the universe.

The Faith of Il Won Sang is to realize that the Buddha is manifested everywhere, and followers do all things as an offering to the Buddha. The practice of II Won Sang is to practice meditation continuously and everywhere. Through this principle followers can recover the original nature of their mind, free from defilement, attachment, and disturbance.

Won Buddhism is active in missionary work, education, charity, and other areas. In 1994, there were about 549 Won Buddhist Temples (plus 31 more overseas) with over 1,200,000 followers in Korea, and the number of temples and followers has continued to grow. The Won Buddhist organization also operates many schools including Won Kwang University, Won Middle and High School and Haeryong Middle and High School. Won Buddhist ordained ministers are educated in three schools; Won Kwang University, Yong San College, and Won Buddhist Graduate School.

The followers and leadership of Won Buddhism advocate world peace and cooperation. Membership is not confined to one nation or one race. In fact, Won Buddhism aims to go beyond any boundaries or obstructions. The founder of Won Buddhism claimed that all religions meet at the thought of "Ilwonism" because the final goal of religions is one and the same. The Great Master Sot'aesan's first successor, the Venerable Chongsan's final verse of truth was "All Principles are derived from one and the same Truth, all sentient beings are related as one family, and all works are intended for the same goal".

The Won Buddhism Verse of Truth states that:

"Being changes into Non-Being, And Non-Being into
Being, Turning and turning again. But in the Ultimate
Reality Being and Non-Being are Both Void. But the
Void contains everything and is perfect."

Please contact us for more information regarding Won Buddhism and our meditation center. We would be happy to answer your questions and explain our beliefs in greater detail.