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Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center
Washington, DC

The Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center, (M.S.T.C.) was established in 1975 by the resident lama, Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Tharchin in Howell, New Jersey. It was incorporated as a non-profit religious organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Buddhist knowledge (according to the Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhist tradition ) in 1980. The Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center of Washington, D.C. is affiliated with M.S.T.C. New Jersey. The center's teaching program includes classes on Buddhist philosophy, sutra and tantra. Weekly classes on sutra and meditation are scheduled in Fairfax, VA. The range of subjects includes: Lam Rim, debate, logic, abhidharma, madhyamaka philosophy and some tantric practices. Tibetan language instruction is also available. Weekend retreats are held (generally during the summer months) at the affiliated center in New Jersey. The Washington, D.C. center participates in the audiotaping and transcribing of teachings for eventual publication by the Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Press. It also helps in the sponsorship of scholars and orphaned monks of Sermey Monastic University in Bylakuppe, India. Members are also involved in the Asian Classics Input Project (A.C.I.P.) which involves inputting classic Buddhist texts and scriptures onto computer discs. For further information on any of the activities of the Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center of Washington, D.C. please call (703) 503-5487.